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amitego demonstrates VISULOX at Oracle Linux, Oracle VM and OpenStack Showcase.

We are back again @Oracle OpenWorld. Our mission is to make IT a safer place, by addressing secure access of privileged users, and this through our Remote Access Control and Management Solution Suite, VISULOX.

This year we present our new enhancement, the VISULOX Command Guard.


VISULOX is based on the Oracle Secure Global Desktop Software, offering customers a flexible and powerful way to control and document all activities of the privileged users in the IT environment.  If you want to know more about VISULOX and amitego, come to our theatre session:

Title: VISULOX—Controlled Privileged Access to Cloud Services [THT11226]

Speaker: Tillmann A. Basien, CEO, amitego Engineering GmbH

  • Monday, Oct 26, 1:30 p.m. | Oracle Linux, Oracle VM, and OpenStack Showcase Theater, Moscone South
  • Tuesday, Oct 27, 1:00 p.m. | Oracle Linux, Oracle VM, and OpenStack Showcase Theater, Moscone South


VISULOX 3.0.7 is available for Oracle Secure Global Desktop 5.2 PSU3

VISULOX based on Oracle Secure Global Desktop is used to manage and control the access of privileged users to IT environments and the data. This access is made transparent and documented with the recording of the user’s interaction into a film.

Download here
(VISULOX Helpdesk is included in the VISULOX Distribution Archive)

We are official sponsor of the EuroTcl 2015 in Cologne.





VISULOX – the market leader to manage & control privileged access

altThere are a lot of studies which point out the need of privileged user control or remote access control of privileged users to datacenters. The broad consensus and recommendation from security advisors is: Yes, privileged access to IT-Infrastructure must be controlled. It must always be transparent who is doing what and when.

This document should not be an additional one to underline those solid arguments. This one will clearly demonstrate why VISULOX is far ahead of other solutions in the market.

  • VISULOX is easy to integrate, no client or server modifications
  • VISULOX covers all requested functionality in one integrated solution

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Enhancing Oracle Secure Global Desktop

Oracle Secure Global Desktop (OSGD) provides secure and fast access to heterogeneous Linux/Unix and Windows application for users connected from the Internet or Intranet. It’s also the perfect tool for system administration and IT operation and maintenance. amitego engineering complements with VISULOX the standard product Oracle Secure Global Desktop for customers with complex IT infrastructure.

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altThe emergence of mobile workforces and an increasing amount of outsourcing service providers brings additional risks to the enterprises. They have to think about in regards to data protection, the control of authorized access and preventing fraud actions.

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